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Monday 19 February 2018
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Halo Eyes Lighting Effect Photography Techniques


How to Create a Halo Eyes Lighting Effect : Photography Techniques and Tips

In this episode we will be discussing how to create the halo eyes effect.  You may have seen this effect before, a nice ring of lights reflected in the models eyes.  This effect adds so much pop to your portrait photography.  The eyes are the window to the soul as the say and how they are presented in a photography are what makes a good photo great.  This technique is all about the lighting.  You can buy a ring light online from many suppliers such as B&H photo, Amazon or any other photography supply store you shop at.  If you cannot afford one you can also make one yourself as shown in this video.  Practice moving the light closer and further from your subject and at different angles,   these different variable will give you different halo eyes lighting effect every-time.


Thanks for watching – How to create halo eyes lighting effect video tutorial

Here is an example of halo lighting, as you can see the ring light reflects in the subjects eyes giving the halo effect.  The size and placement of the ring reflection can be altered by moving the lighting to different positions.

Thank you for watching this free online video tutorial – how to create halo eyes lighting effect

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