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Tuesday 20 February 2018
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Beauty Dish Lighting Tutorial & How to make a DIY Beauty Dish with an umbrella for less than $7.00


Create a Photo Studio ANYWHERE!


Softbox Essentials: 10 photography lighting techniques using one softbox with Tony Corbell


DIY strip light softbox: use kitchen paper for lighting bodyscapes

– This video explains a DIY way to quickly improvise a strip light in order to photograph wonderful bodyscapes. All that’s...


Make a Simple Softbox Video Light for Virtual Choir 4

Jack Rowland from Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir Team shows you how to make an inexpensive softbox video light, using parts from local...


DIY Video & Photo Softbox Built From Common Parts

A Soft Box is a video & photographic lighting device. They are used to create even and diffused light by directing raw light sources...


DIY-Tipp – Saber Light – Strip Light

Die Liste aller Bauteile findet ihr hier: Kein Video mehr verpassen und kostenlos abonnieren: Like uns bei … source


Advantages to Strip Banks and Grids

Westcott President Kelly Mondora explains the difference between a stripbank and a square shaped softbox. She also talks about the...


Cover Shoot with Pia Passion for Good Light! Magazine

– Quick behind the scenes video of our cover shoot with Pia Passion. Did you expect that this is so super easy? In Good …


Car Photographer Tim Wallace on Lighting Details