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Wednesday 21 February 2018
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Tips on Wedding Photography Episode 1 | Photography Tips

I have gotten allot of people asking for “tips” on shooting weddings. I have put together a 3 week series talking in detail...


Eco-Friendly Ideas for an Autumn Barn Wedding – The Photo Shoot

Our photo shoot for our “Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas for an Autumn Barn Wedding” blog post. source


Wedding Photography Lighting Kits and Tips – Digital Photography Video

– Wedding photography lighting equipment, kits and tips. source


PHOTOGRAPHY NAMES blog – ideas for photography names

Tips for creative photography names, and the best way to get recognized fast as a … source


Setting up a Canon 5D Mark 2 (5d mk ii) for Wedding Photography

Here I explain how I set up my Canon 5d Mark 2 for Weddings. I use a Mark 2 and a Mark 3. Both are great full frame Wedding cameras,...


Stunning Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet Ideas Pictures Photos – GiaPhotos

Stunning Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet Ideas … source


10 Wedding Photography Tips for First Timers

Click the link above, see the photos! This is intended to hep those about to do their first … source


Photography Tips : Toddler Photography Ideas

When taking pictures of toddlers, it’s usually not helpful to try to get them to pose, because they usually don’t want to pose....


Wedding Flash Tips

Went to a wedding today NOT as the photographer. Lessons to be learned for sure regarding flash photography. So here’s some basics to...


Sunset Beach Wedding Photography Poses Ideas l Best Wedding Photoshoot Compilation

Sunset Beach Wedding Photography, wedding poses, wedding ideas, wedding photoshoot, wedding photographers, pre wedding, wedding photos,...